Group or Private online class

If you are interested in taking online dance classes at home with me, contact me. Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary etc...

I will work with each clients individual program, schedules and costs.

-Current Online classes-

Creative Movement

(age 2-5) 50 mins

Using basic movement to show children how much fun moving is.

Focus on Rhythmic, coordination, awareness of their body, creativity, and imagination. Introduce dance movements little by little.


4:00pm (EST)


4:00pm (EST)


4:00pm (EST)

Butterflies Balle

(age 4 to up) 60 mins

If your kid loves classic ballet. This is the perfect class for your kid to learn basic ballet steps. Use ballet bar/chair to work on basic steps and movements. Stretches then moving to Centre/without bare. Move around the space more, practice bigger movements, turns,jumps and build strength of balance.

Monday         Tuesday

9:00am (EST)          12:00pm (EST) 

Wednesday     Thursday 

9:00am (EST)           12:00pm (EST)


9:00am (EST)

Theater Jazz

(age 5 to up)  60 mins

If your kid loves to move but they are not really liking classic ballet, this class would be great for them. This class includes Basic jazz dance elements, a lot of moving steps and uses uptempo musics. Warm up includes basic Ballet movements but without using bare/chair.  Class structure will be warm up, stretch, and a small combination. 


5:00pm (EST)


5:00pm (EST)


5:00pm (EST)

Contemporary Ballet

This is an open class for adult all levels are welcome. Starting ballet barre exercise then move on to center. Last 10 mins we do a little combination. $20 per class or  $150  for 10 class card. more info 


1:00pm-2:30pm (EST)


日本時間に合わせてクラスを行います。初めの30分ほどはその日にターゲットとなる筋肉トレーニングをしてからバーレッスンへと繋げます。正しい筋肉の使い方が分からない、脚を綺麗に使いたい、どこの筋肉を使って脚を上げるの?等 いろいろな視点から体を使えるダンサーになるためのテクニクを取り入れたバーレッスンです。少人数のクラスなのでその時のメンバーによってぞれぞれの弱点を強化していく感じのクラスです。

クラスは ZOOMで行います。1クラス:¥500 質問等は 

​月曜日 Monday

21:15 (日本時間)

7:15am (EST)

​金曜日 Friday

21:15 (日本時間)7:15am (EST)

Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company -THE BRIDGE- 

-Kinetic Spiral-

Tapping into the creative energy of the universe through Kinetic Spiral. Nai-Ni Chen's signature technique is based on the principle of ever-changing universal forces of Yin and Yang. Dance phrases from Nai-Ni Chen's repertory will be taught. More info about BRIDGE class 


11:00am (EST)

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